Science Fiction

The Timegod

The TimegodMaster of the Fires of Paratime

Among the immortals who rule the time streams, one young man is fated to become the greatest of them all.

[Originally published as
The Fires of Paratime]

Praise for The Timegod

"Time and the universe have been taken apart and put together into a dazzling combination of word power, adventure, and sharp thinking - exceptionally brilliant, and original."
--A.E. Van Vogt

"A most skillful interweaving of old Nordic legends with a new conception. I am most intrigued with Modesitt's timediving immortals. Certainly this is a book to widen the horizon fantasy world..."
--Andre Norton

"The cosmic concepts are often fascinating, the action fast, and the prose sometimes chilling...a lot of fun."
--Science Fiction Review