Science Fiction

The Parafaith War

The Parafaith War HC The Parafaith War ARCThe EcoTech Coalition and the expansionist Revenant theocracy are locked in a war against each other to control the planets not already colonized by aliens. Tyrstin Desoll is a young officer in the EcoTech armed forces. With little more than his determination and wit Trystin must defend his outpost against the invading Revenants as they drop out of the sky in overwhelming numbers. But Trystin does have one small advantage: a neural implant that allows him to tap into almost any communications network.

After years of unremitting attacks by Revenant fanatics, the EcoTech forces are stretched to the breaking point. The war must end soon, before EcoTech society collapses, in either victory or defeat. But a religious and ethnic wear can have no real military solution; Trystin must find another answer.

The Parafaith War combines the best sort of hard science fiction adventure with an insightful examination of the relationship between the sacred and the secular."

Praise for The Parafaith War

"Mr. Modesitt's novel is a thoughtful commentary on the comparative influences of science and religion in the human story."
--The Washington Times

"With echoes of both Joe Haldeman's The Forever War and Robert A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers: dense, gritty, strong on technical detail."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Modesitt has created a meticulously detailed military-SF adventure that confronts the ethical reasons behind war but maintains a strong focus on the warrior-of-tomorrow's daily life."
--Library Journal