Science Fiction


Adiamante HC Adiamante ARC"In the far future, Earth is just one planet inhabited by humanity, the capital of a long-abandoned interstellar empire. Having renounced the arrogance and pride of empire, the people of Earth have built a new society based on a rigid set of principles that stress environmental conservation and nonaggression. Slowly the planet is recovering from millennia of selfish exploitation and the destruction of wars.

"Suddenly a former colony's fleet of twelve warships built of nearly indestructible adiamante appears in orbit and tries to intimidate the people of Earth into submission. The people of Earth will not surrender, but their principles also don't allow them to take defensive measures until the fleet actually attacks.

"Ecktor deJanes is the newly appointed planetary coordinator and has the terrible responsibility of protecting the lives of all the Earth's inhabitants. Somehow he must maintain his society's principles while preventing the fleet from turning the planet into a lifeless ball of rock."

Praise for Adiamante

"The book has strong military action, slick social maneuvering and a good deal of psychological tension."
--San Diego Union-Tribune

"Morally persuasive and emotionally wrenching."
--The New York Times