Science Fiction

The Silent Warrior

The Silent Warrior, first printing The Silent Warrior, second printingDevil on the loose

Self-exiled from his desolate, poisoned home world, MacGregor Gerswin continues his life mission: to reclaim and resurrect the ruins of Old Earth. Once he challenged the Imperial fleet, and won. Now, hiding behind the mask of a low level military bureaucrat, Gerswin must become a puppetmaster, using the enigmatic OER Foundation to amass fortunes, create research, conceal arsenals, and fund the destinies of whole cultures.

But, marked for death by the vast, Empire-spanning Assassins Guild, Gerswin must also cast aside his civilized veneer, becoming again a devilkid - a silent, nearly superhuman killer, a single-handed reign of terror.

For to save lives, Gerswin is prepared to murder thousands.

And to save one planet, he may have to destroy worlds.