Science Fiction

The Hammer of Darkness
(TOR, Mass Market)

The Hammer of Darkness (TOR)Interstellar adventure in a galaxy of gods and spaceships!

Martin Martel is an exile in trouble with the gods...

'You know about the gods, Martel. The ones like Apollo who can kill with a gesture, manipulate your feelings with a song, throw thunderbolts if they feel like it...'

Are the gods really gods? Or men and women with larger-than-life powers playing god over a planet that wasn't really a planet?

Whatever the answer, Martin Martel must battle the gods for his life, love, and the fate of the galaxy."

Praise for Hammer of Darkness

"L.E. Modesitt takes his place way up there with the sf and maybe some other immortals."
--A. E. Van Vogt