Science Fiction

Of Tangible Ghosts

Of Tangible Ghosts HC...a carefully crafted alternate universe novel. In this world, the Dutch never lost control of the Northeast, and France, Spain, and Chung Kuo are today's superpowers, as is Colombia. And in this universe, the ghosts of the dead linger, sometimes visible, sometimes speaking to the living.

Johan Eschbach has retired from service as an agent of the government of Colombia and gone north to teach at a university in his native Dutch territory. Research is being conducted in the university's physics department - research on the control of ghosts - that is of interest to governments worldwide. And Johan is forced by his former employers to work again as a spy. When he discovers too much, he is marked for death. But at least one ghost wants to keep him alive.

Praise for Of Tangible Ghosts

"L.E. Modesitt, Jr., has crafted a 1993 that echoes and reverberates with tantalizing familiarity and yet remains as distant and strange as any aficionado of the genre could wish. There is excitement and tantalizing near-familiarity on every page. Of Tangible Ghosts is a delightful read."
--Alfred Coppel

"A comprehensively imagined alternate world with surprises at both global and personal levels. Alternate history with rigor, inventiveness, mystery, suspense and flair - what more could you ask for?"
--David Alexander Smith

"An amusing alternate history ...Of Tangible Ghosts succeeds in an original fashion on many fronts."
--The Denver Post

"Meticulously extrapolated....Alternate world tales and espionage thrillers both demand an abundance of intricate detail to be convincing and Modesitt doesn't stint for either thread of his narrative."
--The Washington Post Book World