Science Fiction

Dawn for a Distant Earth


The Empire spanned the galaxy, leaving abandoned the ruins of Old Earth -- a frigid devastation of gray deserts and poison, ice storms and landspouts; a wasteland home only to coyotes and rats, degenerate shambletowners and feral devilkids. Sometimes a fad would sweep the Empire — reclaim the homeworld. But environmental salvation took too long, cost too much, and the fads were always forgotten...

Except by MacGregor Gerswin.

A Captured devilkid trained for space combat, he was too savage, too brilliant, too independent for the military, who exiled him to his home. But there Gerswin found a challenge that would consume all his strength and rage, through the decades and centuries of his life. He conspired to wage a one man war against the indifference, the incompetence, the vanity of an empire. He would use patience, politics, manipulation — even sabotage, scandal and ambush.

But — somehow — Gerswin would find a way to bring Earth back from the dead.

The first volume of The Forever Hero, an interstellar epic!