Science Fiction

The Hammer of Darkness

The Hammer of Darkness (Avon)A Terrifying Journey

Martin Martel had become a dangerous man. The revelation that he had the gift of ESP, a power that belonged only to the gods, was certain cause for the respected scholar to be banished from the planet Karnak and exiled to an outer world.

Suddenly thrust onto the seductively tranquil planet of Aurore, vacation paradise for the galaxy he finds his powers amplified. And beneath the strange serenity of Aurore, he discovers a deadly reality: the gods, unchanged for countless centuries, ancient prime movers of all life - magical, wantonly cruel, not to be defiled... but not indestructible.

Here Martin Martel begins his terrifying journey to an unimaginable destiny... obsessed with a woman too dangerous to possess, too beautiful to relinquish. And he is challenged to accept his own role as a god... and defy the laws of eons for a final confrontation with awesome superbeings that will determine the fate of all mankind.