Science Fiction

The Ecologic Succession

The Ecologic SuccessionIn the days of the Empire

Spanning the human galaxy, the Empire is all-powerful, its agents everywhere, its military forces huge and technologically advanced. No human or alien forces have ever been able to stand against its power.

But now, on the planet of Accord, at the Ecolitan Institute, the seeds of change have been sown.

Jimjoy Earle Wright was the best, the smartest and the toughest secret agent in the Empire forces - until his employers decided to kill him for political reasons. But Jimjoy survived the assassination attempts and fought his way to safety on accord. And there the Ecolitan Institute won his loyalty and changed his identity, Now he is James Joyson Whaler, Ecolitan, in the middle of a war of independence against inconceivable superior forces.

Jimjoy will win or die, as his friends perish and the odds increase against him. What is the cost of victory to a hero?