Science Fiction

In Endless Twilight

In Endless Twilight first printing In Endless Twilight second printingThe Forever Hero Trilogy

Across the Galactic Empire, from planet to planet, the lone immortal fights.

He has a plan and he has all the time he needs. Gerswin, The Forever Hero, one man against the Empire, determined to be the salvation of distant Earth and of humanity.

DAWN FOR A DISTANT EARTH: from a feral devilkid to commander of the forces devoted to the regreening of ruined Earth, Gerswin rose, only to leave, exiled but triumphant in his theft of essential resources from the Empire.

THE SILENT WARRIOR: the immortal Gerswin, now out among the worlds of the Empire, pursued his idealistic quest for supplies for Earth through a secret, bold economic war, undermining the very foundations of the Empire.

IN ENDLESS TWILIGHT: now, in the climax of the trilogy, The Forever Hero's plans come to fruition, as he destroys the decayed, bureaucratic Empire that feeds off humanity, living on as the most legendary of human heroes.