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3 June 2014
The pages for Cyador's Heirs and Heritage of Cyador are up.
29 May 2014
The Chronology of Recluce has been updated to include Cyador's Heirs and Heritage of Cyador.
24 January 2014
Links to some related articles have been added to the Rex Regis and The One-Eyed Man pages.
13 September 2013
The page for Rex Regis is now available.
09 September 2013
The page for The One-Eyed Man is now available.
07 Spetmeber 2013
Long-time, no speak... The pages for Imager's Battalion & Antiagon Fire are now up. My excuse, I've been puttin A LOT of time into my other major project.
01 May 2012
The page for the short story "New World Blues" is now available.
26 April 2012
The page for the fifth book in the Imager series, Princeps is now up.
28 January 2012
Yep, it's been quite a while since I've updated the site yet again. This time I blame it on a book project that too way longer than expected. Anyway, the pages for Lady-Protector and Scholar are now available.
27 June 2011
I'm busy. Yes, this site has gone through slow times before buit this time I know it's going to be happening for the foreseeable future. I'm currently finishing up one book, have a book about Google due in a year, and my Dean Koontz book is finally going to be published early next year after a 10 year delay. So, needless to say, this project is going to be a bit on the back burner for a while. I'll update when I can but don't expect too much on this front.
In the mean time, here's a bit from TOR that you may be interested in:
"It's the 20th anniversary of The Magic of Recluce ! If you're new to the universe, or just want to revisit an old favorite, we have the first two chapters of the book here for you to enjoy. In addition, blogger Matthew Cheney talks about his experience reading The Magic of Recluce for the first time, and how it taught him to love the fantasy genre, accompanied by an interview with Modesitt himself."
24 April 2011
The The Magic of Recluce has been updated to include the cover image of the forthcoming 20th Anniversary Signed Limited Edition from Subterranena Press. (I've ordered myself a limited edition copy but sadly, at this time can't afford a lettered edition.)
14 December 2010
The pages for Imager's Intrigue and Empress of Eternity have been added.
17 May 2010
The page for "The Stranger" a new Recluce short story has been added.
24 February 2010
The Recluce Chronology has been updated to include Arms-Commander.
12 January 2010
The Arms-Commander page is now up.
9 November 2009
I've added the trailer for Imager's Challenge.
19 October 2009
The problems with the menus has been fixed. Thanks LISHost!
18 October 2009
The text for Imager's Challenge is up. Also, there seems to be a problem with the menus not appearing. This is probably from the recent move to a new server. I've contacted tech support about the problem.
8 August 2009
The images for Haze are up along with audio images for Imager.
25 May 2009
The page for Imager's Challenge is up including cover art but no text.
05 April 2009
I think the site is completely caught up at this point. Viewpionts Critical finally has its own page and all the included short stories have been updated/added to the appropriate locations. Also, the page for Imager is now complete with the jacket text. As always, if I've missed something or you find an error please contact me and point it out. Thanks!

09 March 2009
I'm starting to get caught up. I've added links to the four most recent of Lee's blog posts on the bottom of the home page (these will update automatically), and the pages for The Lord-Protector's Daughter, Imager (pre-release), and Haze (pre-release) are now up.
02 January 2009
The page for "The Difference" is up. Yep, I"m behind. I'm trying to get caught up.
25 August 2008
Mage-Guard of Hamor has been added to the Recluce Chronology.
9 August 2008
The page for Mage-Guard of Hamor is now live.
08 December 2007
The page for Natural Ordermage has been updated to include the cover and jacket text.
05 April 2007
The Recluce Chronology has been updated to includ Natural Ordermage. (This site is the first place this information has been posted!)
27 March 2007
The site redesign is complete. If I missed any pages please let me know.
The page for "Spec-Ops" is up but not yet complete.
26 March 2007
A new site design is coming. Surf around and you'll find a few converted pages.
26 February 2007
A map of Corus has been added to the maps page.
25 February 2007
Despite the lack of recent news I want you to know that I am paying attention to the site to the best of my ability. The last half of 2006 was hectic to say the least and I've recently moved from Colorado to Lincoln, Nebraska. With my new position at the Nebraska Library Commission I'll be traveling less and therefore have more time to work on the site.
Site wise, I finally added the jacket text for Soarer's Choice, I've posted the complete page for The Elysium Commission which was released earlier this week, and I've started the page for The Natural Ordermage which is scheduled to be released later this year.
Thanks to everyone who's been providing links to this site from their blogs and if you find any errors or ommissions please do not hesitate to point them out to me.
11 July 2006
The text for the new trade edition of The Hammer of Darkness is up.
06 July 2006
The pages for Soarer's Choice and the new trade edition of The Hammer of Darkness are up. (Text coming soon.)
06 September 2005
The page for book five of the Corean Chronicles: Cadmian's Choice is now up. No text yet but the cover art is there.
Jacket copy for Alcetor's Choice has been posted.
The jacket text for The Eternity Artifact has been added.
Hot off the presses: the cover for Alector's Choice.
Images of several Russian editions have been added to the Foreign Editions page.
The site as moved (as you know if you're reading this) and page for Ghosts of Columbia is now up.
Sorry for the delay. The text for Ordermaster and Flash have been posted on the site.
Pages for Ordermaster, Alector's Choice and The Eternity Artifact are now up.
The Recluce Chronology has been updated to include Wellspring of Chaos.
The jacket text for Scepters is now up.
In the interest of allowing more fans to have autographed books, Lee will be making signed copies of Scepters available through The Signed Page. Specific details on Lee's book can be found on the Modesitt page.
I've added a page for Lee's new short story "Fallen Angel".
Lee sent me some additional info on Flash. I've also fixed some design problems with the SF pages.
The page for Flash is up. So far all I have is the cover. Additional information will be posted as I receive it.
The Wellspring of Chaos was released in hardcover on the 6th. The page is up for your viewing.
The page for Scepters is now up and includes the cover art. No text at this time.
I've also increased the size on the font used in the menu. It's still a little smaller than the main text but not as small as before.
The page for Lee's latest short story "The Swan Pilot" is now up.
The SF pages have all been moved to the 'new' format. There's just a few stragglers left. I've also removed the gray background on the menu since it was just causing some annoying design/coding issues. If you really liked it, let me know and I'll consider turning it back on. I've also updated the bibliography and the forthcoming pages.
Note to some users:
If you are using a Gecko based browser (NN7, Firebird, etc.) you may want to refresh the pages. These browsers have an issue with caching CSS files so you may not be seeing what you're supposed to see. (Specifically, there should be no bullets or numbers on any of the menus. If you see this, you're experiencing the cache problem.)
I've been working on the site more than is readily apparent on first glance.
1. Minor tweaking to the page titles to make them more consistent and descriptive.
2. All of the short story, Recluce and Spellsong Cycle pages are in the "new" design. With this, images are smaller and will therefore load much faster.
3. The default font for the whole site has changed to Tahoma.
4. The menus have been moved to included files to make upkeep easier.
5. This page has been renamed 'Site News'.
The page for the new short story "Dock to Heaven" is now up.
Several changes have occurred recently: 
1. The page for The Ethos Effect has been filled in due to it's recent release. 
2. The forthcoming page has been updated to include Flash.
3. The electronic mailing list has been closed. It had pretty much died on its own so with that I announce...
4. The Official L. E. Modesitt, Jr. Discussion Board. (In which Lee participates!)
The cover for The Ethos Effect is up.
I've updated both the home page for The Corean Chronicles and completed the page for Darknesses.
Sorry about the lack of news. The site continues to be updated including information on the next four books and Darknesses. Photos from Lee's signing in Littleton, CO on 08.20.03 are available in this .zip file.
My blog entry dated today has the last news of the year for this site.
Better late than never. Lee published a new story "The Pilots" this summer in the collection "In the Shadow of the Wall". The page for that is finally up.
Legacies is now available in the stores.
The upcoming appearances page has been updated.
A few new links have been added to the outside links page.
My ARC of Legacies has arrived along with the final jacket copy and the first news regarding the second book in the series, Darknesses. Check out everything via the Corean Chronicles Page.
Sorry for the long time between updates but it's been on crazy summer. The big problem with traveling six out of seven straight weeks. Needless to say, I'm a little behind in my life. I've not forgotten this site will be continuing to update the design as time allows.
As for Legacies, it will be out next month and as soon as it arrives I'll be sure to get that information added to the site. Unfortunately, I was out-bid on the ARC copy on eBay so at this time there will be no image or text from the ARC. If you have one, I'd love to add the information. Just contact me via e-mail.
All of the Recluce books will be getting new covers shortly. I've made available a scan of all of them. Once they have been officially released I'll put up better quality ones. (Thanks to Adrian Shanks for the news and image.)
Two new quotes have been added to the home page along with two new outside links. The text and image from the ARC of Archform: Beauty has also been added.
The final cover for Legacies, the first book of The Corean Chronicles is now up for viewing.
A few more pages have been updated to the new format. All of the pages linked to off the main menu are now complete.
Life has been quite hectic the last month. Between house refinancing, a divorce and book deadlines, the redesign of this site is not happening as quickly as I would have liked. Just wanted to let everyone know I havent' forgotten.
Also, there is a new short-story page up for "Understanding" on the Short Stories page.
As you have probably noticed I'm working on redesigning the site. Please be patient as I convert over to the new design.
Shadowsinger has been released. As soon as my copy arrives I'll get the text and final cover on the page.
For unspecified "legal and sales reasons" the new series has been retitled The Corean Chronicles.
From Lee:
"The new fantasy "series" is called The Corian Chronicles and the first book -- Legacies -- is scheduled for a November hardcover publication by Tor."
I've received the final cover art and text for Archform: Beauty. The page has been updated accordingly.
It's official! Lee has given his sanction for this to be his official Web site!
Other news from Lee:
"I can't give you the title of the big new fantasy that will be out in about a year -- but only because we haven't decided yet.  Tor didn't care much for the first title, and I offered them two more... so we'll see... but probably not for a month.
The Recluce books have now seen print in British, Dutch, Polish, German, and Czech editions, and I've been told that a Bulgarian publisher has a translation in the works, and that some of the Ecolitan books may see print in Russian."
Image of the advance edition of The Towers of Sunset posted. 
New item added to the ephemera page. ARC image and text added for Shadowsinger.
Cover art now available for Shadowsinger and Archform: Beauty.
Updates to the Upcoming Appearances, Upcoming Publications, Empire & Ecolitan pages and additional information regarding the number of hardcover copies printed for The Magic of Recluce.
Lee has a new short story out! I've added a page for it. Find it on the Pulp Fiction page.
The mailing list has moved. Details on the new location can be found at 
I've added a b&w image of the cover for Ghost of the White Nights.
I've rearranged the homepage slightly. I feel it flows better now.
Added a new page for the third Ghosts book: Ghost of the White Nights. Also added is a new page of foreign editions.
The cover of The Shadow Sorceress has been posted. Lee's ninth and final (so far) published short story "Power to...?" now has it's own page. This site now has a complete collection of Lee's short fiction. I also added scans of one of Lee's tour t-shirts to the Ephemera page.
Updated the Upcoming Publications and Appearances pages with new information from Lee.
New page for the advance copy of The Shadow Sorceress, book four in the Spellsong Cycle. Also the first information on Empire & Ecolitan.
Found something interesting in an old book the other day and couldn't figure out where to put it so I created an ephemera page.
My advance copy of The Octagonal Raven has arrived!
New short story page added for "Iron Man, Plastic Ships". A few minor site glitches have also been fixed.
New story added to the Pulps section: "Rule of Law".
Scion of Cyador is out.
Explorations, the Barnes & Noble SF/Fantasy newsletter has published a great review of Scion of Cyador.
Thanks to Linda Makarova for the text of the Spellsong Cycle Character Reference. It is now up and completely cross-referenced.
The credits page has been updated to reflect some much needed thanks and new site volunteers. The bibliography was also brought up to date.
Timegods' World has been released. It contains both The Timegod and Timediver's Dawn.
Redesigned the main page to make it a little tighter. Will be working on tightening up the rest of the site in the near future.
Further information on Lee's upcoming CONcussion appearance now available along with a few new outside links.
Lee has provided updated information that can be found on the upcoming appearances and publications pages along with some answers to questions about the Scion of Cyador ARC.
My ARC of Scion of Cyador has arrived!
The L.E. Modesitt, Jr. discussion list has been created. Join @ 
First news on the next Recluce book: Scion of Cyador.
Updated the Magi'i of Cyador page including the TOR press release for the book.
Added a sixth page to the Pulp Fiction section for "Second Coming". This is a Jimjoy Wright story that predates the publication of the Ecologic stories by seven years!
Updated the page for The Fires of Paratime. I finally have a copy of the paperback so included the text from the book.
Updated the reviews and advertisements pages. Now all but a few of these files are in .pdf format.
Ran the spellchecker against the site. (That should solve a few problems.) Reorganized the site's directory/file structure a little bit for consistency. If a bookmark no longer works, find it again from the main page and re-bookmark the page.
For those using Internet Explorer 5.x try creating a shortcut to the site on your desktop (or add a favorite though it is much harder to make out.) Check out the icon that is used. If you would like the Win9x .ico file you can find it here.
The paperback edition of Colors of Chaos has been released. I've added a scan of the Darksong Rising ARC. (Better late than never...) I've also updated the Buy Books page and made some minor revisions to the home page.
Just heard from Lee. He has completely revised the chronology taking into account Magi'i of Cyador and the next book! He's also filled in some details of some upcoming appearances.
Digging through my papers I found a letter from TOR consulting editor David G. Hartwell that accompanied the advance copy of The Magic Engineer. I've also updated the chronology based upon the little information I have and put in a request to Lee for an official update. I'll post the new version if/when it arrives. 
Just posted the scan and text from the ARC of Magi'i of Caydor!
The Darksong Rising page is complete. (I'm hoping to receive an ARC soon. Will post the scan when/if it arrives.)
Added a full-color scan of Darksong Rising. Will add the jacket text as soon as my copy arrived. Also added a fifth short story, "viewpoint critical".
Just added a new short story to the Pulp page, "Reaction Time". Also added a brief quote from Lee about the next Recluce book to the Upcoming Publications page.
Just got this update from Lee, both good news and bad (I've updated the rest of the site accordingly):
"Although the review in Explorations is out, Darksong Rising itself won't hit the shelves until December.... TOR had some production problems. As a consequence, Magi'i of Cyador, the next Recluce book, won't be published until April, although I understand that the paperback version of Colors of Chaos will still be out in January. Then, next August, TOR is going the trade paperback route again, and will publish both the "timediver books" as a two in one trader paper entitled "Timegods' World." After that.... well, I'm not sure exactly when, but another Recluce book will be coming out, and I can't tell you the title because there's some controversy about it."
The this book of The Spellsong Cycle, Darksong Rising, is on the way in October (make that December...) I have a page for it up with a b&w picture and a review. I'll fill in the rest of the information as soon as I get it.
Added another short story; "A House By Any Other Name" from the November 1974 issue of Analog.
The Forever Hero page is up.  I've also rearranged the Recluce, SF and Fantasy pages.
My copy of Gravity Dreams arrived.  I've added the cover scan and updated the text.
Special thanks to Daniel J. Leonard for the scan of the The Fires of Paratime paperback edition!
The page for "Came the Revolution" has been filled in with a scan of the story's art and a short excerpt.
The Forever Hero collection has been released.   Gravity Dreams has also been released this week. I'll fill them in with more detail when my copies arrives.
Found a copy of the September 1977 issue of Galaxy with "Came the Revolution".  You can find it through the Short Stories page.  As soon as the issue arrives I'll post more information.
The paperback of The Ghost of the Revelator has been released. Explorations has reviewed Gravity Dreams.
The ARC of Gravity Dreams has arrived. I've also updated the Buy the Books page.
My ARC of  in on the way.   I'll post a scan and the description as soon as it arrives. Other new ARCs are now up.   Find them on the following pages: Adiamante, The Ghost of the Revelator, The Parafaith War, The Magic Engineer & The Soprano Sorceress.
The ARCs of Gravity Dreams have been released!  I'm in the process of getting my hands on one.  Also, I have added pages for Gravity Dreams and The Forever Hero based on the information from  They do not include images yet which will be posted as soon as they're available.
Added a review of Colors of Chaos from Explorations to the Reviews page.
Added a review of Colors of Chaos from Library Journal to the Reviews page.
Barely create this page and find some new items!  The Spellsong War has been released in paperback. Also, The Ecologic Envoy has been finally reprinted! Nothing like a second printing eleven years after the first.  The new cover design (same artwork) is on the page. If anyone sees the other two in the series reprinted please let me know.
Well, for starter's this page is new.  I was getting tired of the marquee on the front page and it provided no history of the site.  So, I created this What's New page.  I've also recently added a "Pulp Fiction" section covering Lee's short fiction published in pulp magazines and a full page of The Colors of Chaos.  I have a line on advance copies of Adiamante, Ghost of the Revelator, The Magic Engineer, The Parafaith War and The Magic of Recluce (picture available.) As soon as they arrive (sometime in March) I'll let you know.