The White Order HCOrdermaster is the thirteenth book in the Saga of Recluce and the direct sequel to Wellspring of Chaos. The cooper Kharl is now a powerful order mage. He has no sooner taken possession of Cantyl, the estate bestowed upon him by Lord Ghrant, ruler of Austra, than he is summoned back to Valmurl, the capital, to aid Lord Hagen, the lord-chancellor, in dealing with rebellious lords.

After a bloody campaign, in which Kharl discovers and is forced to use even more deadly order magery, civil order is restored and Ghrant's throne is firmly secured. But Kharl is now famous and feared public figure, the Lord's Mage.

Kharl is requested to return to his homeland of Nordla as an envoy, because there is no one else Hagen and Ghrant can trust — and because Nordla has become the next target of Hamorian expansion. Kharl has to find a solution, for both his adopted new country and his former homeland.