Scion of Cyador

Scion of Cyador HCScion of Cyador ARCFrom the ARC:
Scion of Cyador
continues the story begun in Magi'i of Cyador. Exploring the rich depths of the history of Recluce, Magi'i of Cyador introduced Lorn, a talented boy born into a family of Magi'i. A fastidious student mage who lacked blind devotion, Lorn was made into a lancer officer and shipped odd to the frontier.

Having survived an extended stint fighting both barbarian raiders and the giant beasts of the Accursed Forest, Lorn has proven himself to be a fine officer... perhaps too fine an officer. As his prowess has grown, so has the number of his enemies and rivals. Too much success has made him a marked man. When he returns to his home, both he and his young family become targets while all of Cyad is in upheaval over the death of the Emperor.

Advance Reading Copy Information

This ARC is the smaller size usual of his SF. According to Lee on 06/24/00:
"The real cover for Scion of Cyador will be the same size as the other Recluce books. Have no idea why the ARC is smaller."

The advance contains a small directions mistake. On page 117: "...west of Biehl and east of Jera." However, according to the map, Jera is north-east of Biehl, making the lands that he is going to in two opposite directions at the same time. I asked Lee he told me that it is too late to fix it for the HC release but will be fixed for the paperback.

Additional Informaiton


({sm}sa{shti}{schwa}n)  Forms: {alpha}. 4 si-, syoun, 5-6 syon, syun, 6-7 si-, syen, 6 sion, 7 seyon. {beta}. 5 cyun, 6-9 cion, 7-8 ci-, cyen, cyon. {gamma}. 6 scyence, 6-7 science, 6-7 siens, sient, 7 sience, cions, cyons, -ens, sciance, cyence, scient. {delta}. 4, 8-9 scyon, 5 scioun, 7 sci-, scyen, 5- scion [a. OF. cion, ciun, cyon, sion, mod.F. scion (Picard chion), of obscure origin. The early forms in OF. are inconsistent with the commonly assumed derivation from scier to saw.] 

2. An heir, a descendant.

1814 MRS. J. WEST Alicia de Lacy IV. 248 To guard the precious scion of a noble house. 1816 BYRON Dream ii, Herself the solitary scion left Of a time-honour'd race. 1817 MALTHUS Popul. I. 135 Young scions are then pushed from the parent stock, and gain happier seats for themselves by their swords. 1869 FREEMAN Norm. Conq. III. 22 No son of a kingly father, no scion of legendary heroes. 1871 DIXON Tower III. vi. 51 A scion of the imperial Hapsburg line.

Source: Oxford English Dictionary

Praise for the Scion of Cyador

The letter from TOR that came with the ARC is available in .pdf format.

Explorations, August/September 2000 (.pdf)