Natural Ordermage

L.E. Modesitt, Jr., begins a new Recluce story in Natural Ordermage, the first of two volumes that explore the continent of Hamor, far across the sea from Recluce, where the story begins.

Rhal, a young apprentice scrivener on the island of Recluce, likes life to work out in his favor. To make sure things go his way, he uses a small amount of order magic at opportunistic moments, but his abilities are starting to get the attention of the Council magisters. He's not like other ordermages; the same rules don't seem to apply to his magic. And he has a bad attitude, too. It gets him sent to the mages' training school for testing, and then banishment to Hamor, where his learning continues under dangerous circumstances.

As an exile in Hamor, working in the Ordermage Council's import and export business, Rhal's powers increase—and so does the amount of trouble he can get into.

Welcome to the fantasy world of L.E. Modesitt, where the adventure is just beginning.