The Official Chronology of the
Recluce Universe
by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
May 2014

Lee has always maintained to me that the books should be read in the order of their publication as listed in the menu on the left.

Year Novel Events
1 Magi'i of Cyador Lorn must become a Mirror Lancer officer of the White Empire of Cyador, hiding his talents as a magus, while fighting barbarians and the Accursed Forest, and falling in love with the merchanter Ryalth.
8 Scion of Cyador Now an overcaptain, Lorn - and Ryalth - must discover how to keep Lorn from falling prey to plots from ambitious senior officers, merchanters, and Magi'i who plot various coups to take over the Malachite Throne, and stop a barbarian invasion.
401 Fall of Angels Ryba's and Nylan's ship Winterlance breaks the order-chaos barrier into new universe; they and 24 female marines planetfall to the Roof of World, survive local attacks, build Tower Black and Westwind, and begin the Westwind guards.
403 The Chaos Balance Nylan and Ayrlyn leave Westwind. They seek refuge in Lornth, which comes under attack by Cyador, the first white empire. Nylan must discover the secret of the accursed forest to save Lornth and his son.
415 Arms-Commander Saryn and Ryba face invasion of Westwind by Gallos, Suthyan treachery, and a lords' rebellion in Lornth that threatens peace between the Regency and Westwind, and only Saryn can make the difference and pay the price.
425 Cyador's Heirs Lephi and Lerial, grandsons of the fallen Emperor of Cyador struggle to help their father, Kiedron, maintain the Duchy of Cigoerne, established in Hamor after the fall of Cyad.
433 Heritage of Cyador Lerial, now a full captain in the Mirror Lancers of Cigoerne, is dispatched to neighboring Afrit to to help repel a possible invasion that threatens not only Afrit, but Cigoerne as well.
900 The Towers of Sunset Creslin, son of the Marshall of Westwind, flees an arranged marriage; is enslaved by the White Wizards, escapes, and enters a marriage of convenience to Maegara, the white witch; they escape Candar to a desert isle where they create the island nation of Recluce.
1190 The White Order Cerryl, orphan son of a renegade white mage, works his way toward the heritage which fate - and the Guild of the White Order - have denied him. He becomes an apprentice scrivener in Fairhaven, only to discover the white wizards are observing his every move... and may take his life.
1200 The Magic Engineer Dorrin is exiled from Recluce because of his love of forbidden machines; he, Kadara, and Brede travel through Candar and settle in Spidlar; the White Wizards of Fairhaven raise mountains and build roads through them to unite Candar under chaos-rule; Dorrin tries to build machines, many turned to war uses by Brede, as the three fend off chaos.
1205 Colors of Chaos Cerryl finds that he had only begun to discover the problems facing Fairhaven and the White Order and now must cope with dangers from all over Candar, from Recluce, and from within Fairhaven itself, including the jealousy and instability of the High Wizard himself.
1500 Natural Ordermage Rahl is an apprentice scrivener in Land's End who refuses to believe he has order skills - until he finds himself facing charges of misuse of order and possible exile - or even death - before he is trained and sent to Hamor, where the dangers and challenges he faces are far greater than he realized could be possible.
1503 Mage-Guard of Hamor As a junior mage-guard, Rahl must return to Recluce with his mentor to tell the magisters of the destruction of their trading center in Swartheld... and then go back to Hamor where he is transferred to the army charged with putting down a rebellion against the Emperor... in a conflict where nothing is what it seems.
1650 The Order War Justen, a Black engineer, and his brother Gunnar volunteer to help Sarronnyn fight off the White Wizards of Fairhaven; Justen is driven into the Stone Hills, then rescued by a druid to face greater trials. He defies the Council of Recluce and builds a weapon horrifying both the Council and the White Wizards in his efforts to destroy Fairhaven.
1710 The Wellspring of Chaos Kharl, a cooper in Brysta, rescues a young woman Blackstaffer, only to find that he has earned the wrath of the heir to one of the Lords of the Quadrant who rule Nordla. With a black staff he does not understand and white wizards opposing him he must find a way to leave Brysta or die - yet what of his family and his cooperage?
1712 Ordermaster Kharl has become the Lord's Mage of Austra, only to find himself facing a rebellion by nobles dissatisfied with Lord Ghrant's efforts to curtail their excesses and corruption. And if he succeeds in keeping the young ruler on the throne, he will face an even greater challenge back in Nordla.
1850 The Magic of Recluce Young, bored, woodworker Lerris leaves Recluce on his dangergeld exile; he travels Candar and finds the gray wizard Justen; he escapes danger and becomes a woodworker again; he fights the great white wizard Antonin; then finds love and understanding with Krystal, subcommander of Kyphros.
1855 The Death of Chaos Lerris, Krystal, and all of Candar are threatened by both the growing power of the Emperor of Hamor and the growth of Chaos; Hamor attacks Candar, and then Recluce; in the end Lerris must attempt to destroy Hamor's power and the power of Chaos, or face the proverbial fate worse than death.