The Soprano Sorceress

The Soprano Socreress hardcover The Soprano Sorceress ARC"...The world of Erde and the song-magic that governs it are so carefully constructed and believable that The Soprano Sorceress and the volumes that follow are sure to thrill Modesitt's old fans and win new ones.

"Anna Marshal wishes she could be anywhere but Ames, Iowa, and anything but a singer and music instructor at Iowa State University. She makes her wish at exactly the wrong time, though, because on Erde a travel sorceress has called for a powerful sorceress - and gets Anna, angry, confused, and thinking that this is not what she had in mind.

"On Erde, Anna is no longer just a professional singer, she is a sorceress, perhaps the most powerful on the whole world. Because on Erde, song is magic, and a wrong note can mean death to a sorcerer. Anna has trained a lifetime to reach the level where she won't miss a note and can sing stronger than anyone else on Erde.

"But Anna's power does not go unnoticed. The moment she arrives she becomes a target: both the political entities, who fear the unknown power she represents, and the sexist men or Erde, who fear a powerful woman, will try to kill her. Merely to survive, Anna must learn enough magic to use her musical skills and enough about Erde to protect herself and maybe, create a new life for herself."


Explorations December '96/January '97(.pdf)

Praise for The Soprano Sorceress

"A new world of musical magic... Modesitt draws interesting, realistic characters. Watching Anna grow in political and magical power as she acclimates herself to her new surroundings is part of the pleasure in reading this book. Following her adventures in upcoming volumes will no doubt also prove enjoyable."
— Amarillo News Globe