"The Pilots"

"The Pilots"Published in In the Shadow of the Wall: Vietnam Stories that Might Have Been edited by Byron R. Tetrick. Cumberland House, 2002.

The Sobak Revolt was a long time ago, but I remember my part in it as though it were yesterday. I don't always talk about it, Brother Estahen. At least, until now I didn't, and I won't now. It won't change anything. What happened after the second war with the Sobaks is something else. You're young for recalling that, for it was little more than ten years after the Revolt. My younger brother Waltar... he was a pilot, too, almost as good as I'd been... but Vergenya would never have recognized what he did... except for the spirits of the Wall... except I never told anyone, not even Sereh... it's better that way, sometimes, when you really can't explain...

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