Double the Odd

I previously mentioned Double the Odd forthcoming from book clubs sucj as The Literary Guild. At the time details were sparse. Turns out it’s a two-for-one containing the first two Odd Thomas Manga: In Odd We Trust and Odd Is On Our Side.

Here’s the official details:

Illustrated by Queenie Chan (The Dreaming, and co-author of In Odd We Trust), Dean Koontz’ Double the Oddbrings two original adventures of Odd Thomas—the 19-year old short order cook who communes with the dead—into graphic novel form.

After death, some spirits just want a little company, but others want justice, and their motto is In Odd We Trust. Now the specter of a very frightened boy rouses Odd to root out the evil suddenly infecting sunny Pico Mundo. But even with his special ability—and the police and his pistol-packing girlfriend, Stormy, backing him—is Odd any match for a faceless killer who’s always one step ahead?

In Odd Is On Our Side (co-written by Fred Van Lente of Cowboys & Aliens fame), it’s Halloween, and Odd senses that something more sinister than make-believe goblins and ghouls is on the prowl. But even his frequent visitor, the shade of Elvis Presley, can’t seem to point him in the right direction. Is something wicked afoot in the remote barn guarded by devilish masked men? Has All Hallows Eve taken a malevolent turn? Or is the pleading ghost of a trick-or-treater a frightening omen of doom?

Times are twice as odd in Pico Mundo, in our exclusive 2-in-1 manga-style omnibus.

“Not the Stephen King Guy!”

Mick GarrisHere’s an interesting tidbit from a recent Fangoria interview with Mick Garris:

FANG: Has your close association with King cost you other work or created any kind of industry backlash?

GARRIS: Well, I’ve never told this story before. After I finished QUICKSILVER HIGHWAY, I was offered a miniseries based on a Dean Koontz book. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to commit to anything, and I didn’t know the book, but I said I’d read it. About a week later, I heard Koontz supposedly said, “No way! Not the Stephen King guy!” But most of the backlash I get is from the Kubrick fans who can’t believe that we remade THE SHINING. I take a lot of heat from them. But we just wanted to make something truer to the book. But, any negatives are far overweighed by the positives. Stephen is just an amazing and generous guy.