Information Needed

If you’re wondering how you can help, please check out the posts in the help category. If it’s there, it’s something I’m looking for.

A few notes about what you’ll see when you click over to the help category:

First, there may be more than one page worth of posts about information I’m looking for. Be sure to click the “older posts” link at the bottom of the page if there is one.

Second, the listings you’ll see are compressed for display on that page. Click the title of the post to see the fill version.


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  1. Dear Michael,
    Hope this day finds you in the best of spirits / health!!! Glad to see the book is finally coming out. I’ve found quite a few more fanzines, magazine articles, and (yes) adult books so if you need access to them just let me know. A couple of years ago, I sent Dean a letter to tell him of a bootleg issue of “Swappers’ Convention” by Daniel Weber that I had recieved info about. Never heard from the man, but his attorney phoned me and we had a nice chat. Best!!!! Steve

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