George Guidall Appearance

If you’re in or near Bountiful, Utah this week, you might want to take a moment and stop in to the South Davis branch of the Davis County library this Thursday to hear a talk by audiobook narrator George Guidall Narrator of The Door to December and several other Dean Koontz titles.

George GuidallGeorge Guidall jokes that he talks out loud for a living — and people listen as he transports them into another world.

“They hear a voice doing something for them and it takes their cares away,” Guidall said in his richly timbred everyman voice. “They don’t care about traffic jams. They don’t care about the frozen food melting in the back seat or coming late into work.”

Audiobook aficionados will likely recognize Guidall’s voice from one of the more than 900 unabridged books he has narrated. Top of Utah residents will have a chance to see the man behind that voice as Guidall speaks Thursday at the Davis County Library’s South branch in Bountiful.

Read the full article and get more event details on the Standard-Examiner Web site.

Laguna Playhouse event review

I found a review of Dean’s recent Laguna Playhouse event on the Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot Web site:

“Koontz had the sold-out audience in stitches as he described his childhood, which looked at another way could have been called dreary at best. He lost his mother at an early age and described his father as a drunkard, womanizer and ne’er-do-well, who had 44 jobs in 25 years.

“Ah, but his dad had a sense of the absurdity of life, which he passed onto Koontz, who explores the darker realms in his books, leavened with some laugh-out-loud passages tucked in among the shivers.”

Read the full article here.

An Interview with Queenie Chan has a short interview with Queenie Chan, the artist for the Odd Thomas graphic novels.

What did you most enjoy about this project?

Drawing Odd Thomas the character. I have a lot of affection for Odd (and also his girlfriend Stormy), and it makes me smile to draw him, because he’s such a great guy. His situation is unfortunate, but despite being hounded constantly by the silent dead to solve their problems, he takes it in very good stride. He could have turned out a very different person due to his circumstances, but he actively chooses to be a good person, and to use his powers for the benefit of other people. He’s also a very expressive character, and that makes him fun to draw (him and all of his Pico Mundo friends too).

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Beauty & The Beard by Dean Koontz

How’s this for an ultra-obscure Dean Koontz reference? Check out the following screenshot from the video What if “Star Wars: Episode I” was Good by Belated Media.

Beauty & The Beard by Dean Koontz

Watch the whole video for yourself to get the context.

How did they get the Pendleton online?

If you’re interested in just how the interactive was created, check out this article titled “The Other House’s 360-Degree Visual Effects Elicit Screams at 77 Shadow Street Interactive Website” from

Here’s a sample:

360cameraTo achieve the size, scope and luxury described in the book, The Other House filmed inside 27 different interiors across seven locations in the greater Los Angeles area using a state-of-the-art 360o degree video camera. The camera, with its unique spherical design and 11 lenses, captures video simultaneously in all directions at once. When viewed in the proper web player online, the video format allows users to manually “look” in any direction with their mouse or touch pad during playback.