Beatschild film part 2 & Shattered originally as by Dean Koontz?

Continuing to work my way through some recent finds we come to Locus #120, 25 August 1972…

According to this this issue the option on the yet to be filmed Beastchild was renewed at least once and, maybe more interestingly, Shattered had been sold to Random House “under [his] own name.” In the end, as we all know it came out under the K.R. Dwyer pseudonym. I wonder what happened there.

Reselling lawsuit dismissed

A follow-up to this story

LAS VEGAS (CN) – Best-selling author Dean Koontz doesn’t directly do business in Nevada and can’t be sued on fraud claims by a Nevadan who says Koontz kept valuable signed works instead of selling them.

Last week, U.S. District Judge Gloria M. Navarro dismissed a complaint filed by Raymond Davis that accused Koontz of keeping a valuable collection of signed literature formerly owned by John Paul Bodner.

Koontz and Davis were mutual friends with Bodner, who passed away in 2012.

Davis said Bodner gave him a collection books written by Koontz, many of which the author signed.

Davis said he sought his help in selling them, and Koontz agreed to sell them on consignment in 2013.

But instead of selling the books, Davis said Koontz kept them and refuses to return them. Davis sued Koontz last year, and accused the author of fraud, conversion and unjust enrichment.

Koontz sought dismissal due to a lack of personal jurisdiction.

Navarro dismissed Davis’ claim without prejudice, noting he could request permission to amend his complaint.

Read the full article @ Courthouse News Service.

Films Into Books -or- There’s more than one John Hill in the world

There are a lot of reference books out there that were very useful in the pre-Internet days and they we marketed to, and mostly sold to libraries. Here’s one of them form 1995:

Beyond a very long bibliography of film and TV novelizations there’s essays on authors ranging from Piers Anthony to Robert Block to John Jakes. Dean gets two mentions in the first chapter since he wrote the novelization of The Funhouse.

Sadly, this book also includes some mis-information:

Just as Dean didn’t write Stolen Thunder under the pseudonym David Axton (Prison of Ice), there’s never been any proof that he wrote the novelization for the film Heartbeeps under the name John Hill (The Long Sleep.)

For reference, here’s the paperback in question:

Working with Vaughn Bodé

I don’t know exactly what project this book (originally from 1974) is referring to but that paragraph is a quote from Dean. It may be referring to an unreleased screenplay based on Bodé’s The Amorous Adventures of Puck, of which previously I don’t believe I’ve mentioned on this blog.

The Whispering Room

From the end of The Silent Corner ARC. This is all I’m going to share. I’ve found no release date at this point.

Please turn the page
for a special advance preview of
the next Jane Hawk novel from
#1 New York Times bestselling author


Cora Gundersun walked through seething fire without being burned, nor did her white dress burst into flames. She was not afraid, but instead exhilarated, and the many admiring people witnessing this spectacle gaped in amazement, their expressions of astonishment flickering with reflections of the flames. They called out to her not in alarm, but in wonder, with a note of veneration in their voices, so that Cora felt equally thrilled and humbled that she had been made invulnerable.

The Silent Corner ARCs

In case you haven’t noticed ARCs for The Silent Corner are starting to appear both in print (eBay) and electronically. Just got my eARC and will be starting it momentarily. Here’s one bit I will tease you with:

The Silent Corner: Those who are truly off the grid and cannot be tracked by any technology, yet are able to move about freely and use the Internet, are said to be in the silent corner.

Given my technology background my hopes are suddenly much higher than they were before. Echos of Dark Rivers of the Heart anyone?