Charnel House news

The Charnel House news page is reporting the following two items:

THE SILENT CORNER by Dean Koontz is in pre-order for a July release.

BLACK RIVER, I’ll Be Watching Over Yo by Dean Koontz is at the printer and due at the bindery in May for a June release.

“An Elegant and Exalted Enterprise”

The Holiday 2016 issue of The Companion, the electronic newsletter of Canine Companions for Independence has Dean & Gerda on the cover and contains a one-page piece titled “An Elegant and Exalted Enterprise.” I’ve archived a copy here and the original can be found here.

Novelist Dean Koontz and his wife, Gerda, have been loyal and passionate supporters of Canine Companions since the 1990s. Dean has penned six books that showcase the Koontzes’ love for the released and retired Canine Companions dogs they’ve adopted.The author’s proceeds from the books are donated to their dogs’ alma mater. On top of that, the Koontzes have also provided extraordinary financial contributions to Canine Companions and are the Southwest Region’s campus benefactors.

Recently, Dean put pen to paper to reflect on why our mission resonates so deeply with him. The result is something to which we all relate, but only a best-selling author could write.


The Silent Corner on TV; Six-book series

Paramount Television and Anonymous Content have optioned the book in advance of its June publication.

Best-selling author Dean Koontz’s forthcoming book The Silent Corner is going to get the TV treatment.

Paramount Television and Anonymous Content have optioned the FBI drama ahead of its June publication by Bantam, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. A network is not yet attached.

The book revolves around FBI agent Jane Hawk, who after she starts to learn why people of talent and accomplishment who are happy and of sound mind are killing themselves for no apparent reason, becomes the most wanted fugitive in America. The powerful cabal she confronts is completely unprepared to stop a woman driven by a rage born of love who is as clever and courageous as its members are cold-blooded.

Koontz plans to write at least five more books featuring Jane Hawk, with Silent Corner being the first out.

Read the whole article @ The Hollywood Reporter.


Hey, did you all know that Perilehion relaunched back in November as an online SF magazine? Sadly, it does not include an archive from back in the day.

The Silent Corner release date moved again

I just received an e-mail from Amazon indicating that the release date for The Silent Corner has been reset back to its original release date of 6 June 2017. The listing on their site has been updated accordingly and we’re back to the date listed on the ARC. (The paper edition of which arrived at my home yesterday.)