Dean re-returns to science ficiton

I recently discovered that in March of this year, the Nevermore comic series “Created by Dean Koontz” will be released by Dynamite, the current publishers of Dean’s Frankenstein comics. The interesting bit, is that none of the articles I’ve found online (1,2,3,4,5,6) mention that Nevermore #1 and #2 were previously released in March and June of 2009 respectively, by Dabel Brothers. (As I understand it, Dabel brothers went out of business shortly thereafter.) So the question is, will the first two issues of this “new” series be reprints of the original first two issues or not? Keep an eye out for further details as I find them. (Oh, and don’t miss the fact that there will be four different covers released for issue #1.)

Here are the images that I’ve been able to find online:

One more thing, an online article by Zac Turgeon is based on a “10 page preview” of issue #1. Does anyone know how I can get my hands on a copy of that?

Two new reprints in the next two months

A new trade paperback edition of The Door to December will be released by NAL on February 1st. The cover lists that it includes an afterword and considering it doesn’t say “a new afterword” I’m guessing it’s the same one as in the previously released Signet mass market paperback edition.

Then on March 1st, a new paperback of The Voice of the Night will be released with “a new afterword”. At this point I’m assuming it’s in the premium format given the $9.99 cover price and the fact that other recent reprints have been in that format.

Double the Odd

It looks like the major book clubs (New Literary Guild, SFCB, &tc.) are releasing an exclusive Dean Koontz title Double the Odd. The amusing part is that none of the sites selling it seem to have a description or a cover image available, just a release date of February 28, 2010. My guess is that it’s a two-in-on edition of In Odd We Trust and Odd Is On Our Side. My copy is on order and I’ll report as soon as I know anything else. If anyone has additional information please leave it in the comments.

eBook Only

Darkness Under the Sun
And for the last bit of catching up for today, did you know that two eBook-only titles have been released lately? The first was the novella Darkness Under the Sun which is available for purchase on most, if not all, of the major eReader platforms. (Link is to the Kindle version.)

Why I Shout at the Computer Screen
The other is a Nook-only essay titled “Why I Shout at the Computer Screen.” To get it you need to be a Nook owner and download it from within a Barnes & Noble store during the month of December 2010. (Or have a friend with a Nook take some photos for you. Thanks Ryann!)