Anton Yelchin Talks Upcoming Odd Thomas Film Adaptation was recently able to talk to Anton Yelchin about his forthcoming roll as Odd Thomas on screen. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Anton Yelchin Talks Upcoming Odd Thomas Film Adaptation“But now that I’ve been able to read both versions of Odd’s story, I’ve been going through the book to see what I can try and get back into the script version because there’s just a lot in the book that you can’t get into the script. But in terms of capturing the essential nature of who Odd is and his relationship with Stormy, his relationship with The Chief, and this sort of fear that builds in him that something terrible is coming that he can’t completely see, it captures all of that really well. And the love story really works, I think. I know Dean Koontz is very happy with the script and thinks it works. I think my goal is going to be to try and bring little things back from the book that maybe dialogue-wise I really liked that aren’t in the script. You know, make him as utilitarian as possible because in the book it’s very clear- despite his abilities, his biggest dream is to work at a tire shop.”


Koontz contribution in upcoming anthology honoring Ray Bradbury

Publishers Weekly 4/25/2011:

Bradbury, Revisited
Ray Bradbury biographer (and former PW Midwest correspondent) Sam Weller sold his third book about the sci-fi author, Live Forever: An Anthology of All New Stories in Honor of Ray Bradbury. AgentJudith Ehrlich brokered the deal for Weller, selling world English rights to William Morrow’s Jennifer Brehl at auction. Bradbury is writing the introduction to the book, and Weller is co-editing the title with Mort Castle.

Listen to the Echoes: The Ray Bradbury Interviews 4/30/2011:

Some of you have known I’ve been working with my good friend, uber-writer, seven-time Stoker nominee and all-around great guy, Mort Castle, on a secret Bradbury-related project for about a year and a half. I’ve tweeted hints about this for a few months now. Now that it’s happening and ink is being inked (much praise to our agent Judith Ehrlich and our editor Jennifer Brehl), I’m free to tell you Live Forever! is the project. We’ll have contributions from Neil Gaiman, Audrey Niffenegger, Joe Hill, Alice Hoffman, David Morrell, Dean Koontz, Kelly Link, Tom Monteleone, Lee Martin, Robert R. McCammon, Ramsey Campbell, Dan Chaon, Harlan Ellison and many, many others who wish to tip their auctorial chapeaus to Mr. Bradbury. Hell, there are even stories in this bookish beast from two guys named Castle and Weller.

77 Shadow Street

According to the next novel from dean will be titled 77 Shadow Street and will be released in hardcover (along with large print, eBook, and audio) on 27 December 2011. (Not the day after Christmas like back in the 90s but close enough.) As of yet, no synopsis or cover art is available.

Twilight Eyes coming to TV

According to various sources coming across the feeds this morning  it looks likt Twilight Eyes is going to be adapted for a series on Starz.

Koontz has shied away from TV in the past few years and no book of his has been adapted to the small screen in a decade. His former agent at WMA, Rob Lee, now head of his own production company Bayonne Entertainment, remembered Koontz once talking about Twilight Eyes as a potential miniseries. But Koontz wanted a longer treatment — 6-8 hours, something the broadcast networks, the primary longform buyers in the 1990s, were not interested in. Lee teamed with writer Stephen Tolkin, who had adapted two Koontz novels as TV movies, 1997’sIntensity and 1998’s Mr. Murder. The two pitched the idea for a Twilight Eyeslimited series to Koontz, and he gave them their blessing. To stay true to the book, which Lee described as “quite violent and sensual,” he decided to go to premium cable and pitched the project to Starz, which picked it up with a premium development deal. (Lee has a relationship with Albrecht and briefly worked under him at IMG.) While the events in the book take place even before the 1980s, the adaptation will be set in present day. Koontz, who is involved in the development process, is executive producing with Lee and Tolkin, who is writing the script.

Source: Deadline

Frankenstein: The Dead Town, Nevermore, and Odd Thomas news

The April 20, 2011 issue of Dean’s e-newsletter contained various links to new about Frankenstein: Dead Town, Nevermore, and the Odd Thomas film. Unfortunately, there isn’t an Web version for me to link to so I’ll just post a screenshot here (to preserve formatting) and say that it looks like all of the links are currently available on the home page of


Watch Hideaway instantly

For better or for worse, Hideaway has been made available for streaming via Netflix. From Netflix:

1995 R 106 minutes
After antiques dealer Hatch Harrison (Jeff Goldblum) crashes his car and is pronounced clinically dead for more than two hours, brilliant cardiologist Jonas Nyebern (Alfred Molina) miraculously revives Hatch, giving him a second chance at life. But he soon begins to experience murderous visions through the eyes of a satanic serial killer (Jeremy Sisto) … who’s stalking Hatch’s teenage daughter (Alicia Silverstone).