Found: Relentless Charnel House publication date

The Charnel House editions of Relentless were released in 2009. Can anyone supply a more specific date(s)?

Update 12/27/12:
According to Joe @ Charnel House the release date for this title was the Summer of 2010. He was unable to be more specific but considering he was the publisher I’m going to mark this as a “found”.

Found: Staten Island Advance

According to the Holidays 2007 issue of Useless News “In 1996, following the publication of Intensity, Dean did this interview with Michael Lyons, at the time the teenage correspondent for the Staten Island Advance.” Any additional information is greatly appreciated.

Update 12/18/12:
As you can tell from the comments I have been in contact with Mr. Lyons and he has supplied me with the needed information. As special thanks goes out to him!

Does this book contain and Dean Koontz cover art?

UPDATE: This question has been answered.

Here’s the description for the book Jeffrey Jones: A Life in Art

Over the past 40 years, there have been few artists who have received as much acclaim and garned as much attention as Jeffrey Jones. From his early comic book work for Heavy Metal and National Lampoon to his popular book covers for such authors as Dean Koontz and Andre Norton to his move into fine art, Jones has inspired generations of painters and artists. This beautiful volume of his personal favorites will only enhance his reputation and cement his standing as one of America’s greatest living artists.

So here’s my question for before I order a copy and need to return it if the answer is no: does this book actually contain any cover art from a Dean Koontz book?

(Oh, and there’s a “signed and numbered limited edition” version of this title coming out in February too.)