I’ve got my work cut out for me

I recently received a CD containing what ended up being a 1.5″-high pile of pages of Koontz-related material from a super wonderful person who’s gone above and beyond to help me with this project. (I’m only being non-specific so people don’t just start contacting them for their own set.)

Anything of interest I find (starting with the the page on the top of the pile) will be added to the finished product. Of which, news should be coming relatively soon.

The Silent Corner – Barnes & Noble autographed edition (take 1)

Today I received my autographed copy of The Silent Corner from Barnes & Noble. Like previously autographed B&N copies, this one is a typical trade hardcover edition with a tipped-in autograph page and a different ISBN on the dust jacket; 9781101966198 in this case.


But, when I went to verify that, as with previous editions of this type, the ISBN on the copyright page is the same as the standard trade hardcover(9780345545992) I was in for a bit of a shock…

The first page after the autograph sheet is page 423, not a half title, full title, or copyright page. Continuing to flip through the book I found pages 424-452 then the “About the author” page. Next up: page 23 through the correctly placed pages 423-452 & “About the author.”

What it looks like is that the first signature has been accidentally replaced with the last signature; a total mis-binding of pages. (Please click on the link on the first “signature” in this paragraph if you’re not familiar with this term from the book binding world since what I don’t mean in this case is an autograph.)

In the end, I’ve ordered another copy and here’s hoping that this is a one-off and not something that was carried through a whole print run.

Of course, if anyone else has a copy like this, I’d love to know about it.

Beastchild film that never happened & “House of Night”

Digging though Locus #82 from 1971 I found this little gem. First the fact that Beastchild had been optioned for either film or TV. (I’d previously not known that.) Second, Dean had sold the title House of Night to Bantam. In the end, House of Night was re-titled. Do you know what it ended up being published as? (This I did know.)

Side note: Notice the bit about Harlan Ellison working on a “film” of Demon With a Glass Hand? That ended up being a classic episode of The Outer Limits.

The Vaughn Bodē Index

Here’s another one that’s been on my want list for a while. Not that I couldn’t find a copy, just that most were selling for way more than I was willing to pay. Well, I’ve been going through it and let’s just say that I wish I’d not waited so long and that there are one or two previously unknown to me items now on the way to my collection. More details to follow.