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Originally there was a deal I worked out with a particular bookseller to have autographed copies of the trade edition available. For now that information has been taken down as the project is relaunched with Cemetery Dance. If you did order from that seller, you should still get an autographed copy. Details will be made available as I have them.

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  1. Hi, Michael — Scott C. from the main public library here in Lincoln.

    I was browsing your Collectors Guide to Dean Koontz site, after seeing a tweet from you this afternoon, and see that on your “Autographed Copies” page you appear to have intended to “hide” the block of text referring to the Bad Moon Books method of getting autographed copies of the book. Unfortunately, at least in my version of Firefox, those comments are NOT hidden, but the “hide” html tags are showing up.

    Thought you might want to fix this so there’s no confusion to your visitors. Of lesser impact, I noticed some garbled text in the FAQ on your “About” page, too, but at least the idea behind the comment is clear.

    Just an FYI…

  2. I ordered this book the Collectors Guide to Dean Koontz over ten years ago. I’ve also waited that long for Koontz’s third Christopher Snow book. I have a gut feeling it is Koontz holding things up. Why?? I have no idea. It is only my opinion. I have read he finished the third book, but he hasn’t or won’t release it.

    1. Dan, I understand your frustration and share it with you. I’m always careful not to make promises when it comes to this project but I can say there has been progress and there will be significant news in the next month or two. What I can say more specifically, is that I have a new contract with CD sitting here on my desk which I’ve literally just signed, and will be sending back to CD for their signature. Once I have that back in hand I will be posting more information about where the project goes from here.

      As for why the delays, all I can say is that it has been completely out of my hands.

      RE: Christopher Snow, I have read nor heard nothing regarding Dean having actually written the third book.

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