This brief FAQ has been moved over from the previous version of the site and will be updated as information becomes available.

  1. You have information you say I need
    Fill out the form on the contact page.
  2. You have information you think I need
    Fill out the form on the contact page.
  3. Will you get credit?
    I will give credit to everyone I can. Unless extraordinary circumstances surround your contribution, everyone that helps will be mentioned on the acknowledgements page. Cases that warrant it will be given additional considerations. That decision is up to me. Submitting information to me does not automatically get you a mention. (See next question.)
  4. How soon will I get back to you?
    The book is scheduled to be published in 2011. I also have other active book projects at this time. If your I do need your information I will get back to you as soon as I can. It may take weeks in some cases. Please be patient. I can not reply to everyone. If you do not eventually hear back from me that probably means that I already had the information you submitted but I still thank you for your time and contribution.
  5. Can you e-mail me directly?
    I would prefer that you send any information through the contact form on this site. If you insist on e-mailing me instead, a quick Google search should find you my e-mail address.

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