Black River: I’ll Be Watching Over You

Black River: I’ll Be Watching Over You, Charnel House Numbered Edition
Black River: I’ll Be Watching Over You, Charnel House Lettered Edition

Some news & a correction:

According to Charnel House:

“Both states of BLACK RIVER, I’ll Be Watching Over You by Dean Koontz have been shipped. When Dean ends this series of novellas and novelettes Charnel House will issue a slipcase to house the entire series. There are few copies remaining of this title still available for purchase. Order now to own the first book of this series, you can then retain your number for the series.”

Shown right  are my numbered edition and a friend’s lettered.

Regarding the lettered edition, my friend isn’t all that happy with it…

“Lettered Black River. . .MASSIVE disappointment. I paid $900 for this, it’s bound in 3/4 leather but otherwise identical to the numbered, no traycase, no slipcase even, no bonus material, nothing. It probably didn’t cost them much more to make and he’s charging $900 per copy.”

I only have a few Charnel House lettered edition personally, mostly due to cost, but I’ve been happy with every one of them. In this case, I might have to agree.

Lastly, the correction:

Black River: I’ll Be Watching Over You is not a sequel to the original “Black River” novella from 1999, it is “Black River” just re-titled. The future novellas in this series will be the sequels.

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  1. Hello.

    Do you know if this and the future novellas will be released in any other format besides these super-pricey limiteds?

    Thanks! =)

    1. I have seen no information on these outside of what Charnel House has posted. I would like to think some sort of trade collection would be published in then end, but that’s pure speculation on my part.

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