Found: Prisoners & Other Stories publication date & prices

Prisoners & Other Stories by Ed Gorman was published by Cemetery Dance in 1992. However,the year is the most specific information I have. Also, there were two limited editions published but the both list the same cover price as the trade hardcover. I’m assuming they actually had a different original list price. (Dean wrote the afterword.)

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  1. I have the signed limited edition, #78 of 250. The dust jacket shows only ISBN-1-881475-00-X Trade Hardcover Edition $20.95. The bar code on the back cover shows the same ISBN number with a price of 52095. I can’t tell you what I paid for this signed limited book, but I’m certain it wasn’t $20.95. I sent you other information years ago, and I’m happy to see the book near completion. Let me know if I can answer any other questions about “Prisoners”.

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