Deeply Odd

Did you catch this bit in the latest issue of Useless News?

Dean is currently writing ODD APOCALYPSE, the fifth Odd Thomas novel, which will be published in July 2012. As soon as he has finished it, he will write the sixth in the series, DEEPLY ODD. Then he will most likely write a non-Odd novel before returning to the seventh and final book in the series.

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  1. Just finished Mr. Koontz’s new book Odd Apocalypse. What a great story and novel. One of his best ever. Going to read it again in few days. Why? When Odd shares his deepest thoughts about good and evil, well, it’s heavy stuff indeed.

    Like the bottom paragraph on page 65, “Some people misunderstand evil and believe it will relent, and because their misplaced hope inspires dark hearts to dream darker dreams, they are the fathers and mothers of all wars. Evil does not relent; it must be defeated. And even when defeated, uprooted, and purified by fire, evil leaves behind a seed that will one day germinate and, in blooming, again be misunderstood.”

    That paragraph just blew me away the first time I read it. This is what happened after Hitler took power in 1937 in Germany. That evil seed had a chance to germinate again because the German people misunderstood his intent and dark heart.

    The Odd series is a set of novels that one can read over and over and you come away each time with a better and fuller understanding of how evil and good are playing out in our world today.

    Mr. Koontz, thank you for Odd. In him we see ourselves. We have to constantly be vigilant and not allow evil to dominate this world again. God speed sir.

  2. is it me or did this latest novel have more political or government punch lines in it than the others. They seemed odd indeed but very misplaced. Lay off the out of place go ernment jokes and the stories can flow even better

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