US Flag Attack On America
Tuesday 11 September 2001

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About this site

The intent:
The intent of this page is to create a single page with resources and information of potential interest to readers regarding the events of 11 September 2001. (The one page has since been split into several smaller pages since load-time was being impacted.) None of the content of this page is to be considered my work short of the collection and presentation of that information. As I get something from the news or through e-mail, it gets listed here. I hope those that created this information will not mind that I am using their material. I have attempted to cite the source when possible.

The design:
This page started out as an exercise in coding a page in XHTML Strict and CSS Level 2. Despite being standards compliant it does not display the same in all browsers. All information displays on all browsers but will look best on current versions of IE and Netscape. Remember, the information is more important than how it looks.

The thanks:
Wow! The use of this page has just exploded! Checking the logs for the referring sites it just floored me how many sites have linked to this one in the past few days. I just had no idea until I noticed that a link to this site is THE link for whole libraries and news sites. I just want to thank everyone for their support and I promise to keep this up-to-date for as long as I can. Thanks again!

Some time on the 23rd, Google indexed this site. This has since become the single largest referral site to this one. This has made keeping this list up-to-date much more difficult. I'll do my best...

All of these sites not only link back to this one but most also have links to many other resources not included here.

The National Air Traffic Controllers Association has not only linked to this site but has set up a mirror of it. A special thank you goes out to Bryan Thompson for doing this.

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